Contemporary Music Festival - May 20th 2011 to May 29th 2011

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Education Projects 2012    

Hello from Peter Cook, education project leader

Our education programme reaches out to schools and community groups offering  a variety of ways to get involved and help to shape the work too. We want participants to be able to activley experience new music first hand and up close. To listen, to perform and to compose.

Primarily, we work through the medium of sound of course , but we also find other ingenious ways to investigate sound; dance, poetry, photography and drama are just some of the genres we embrace.  We help to put people in touch with musicians, composers and othe artists, to find out more about great music by living composers and make music themselves. We strive to draw out the artist in all of us too.

All of our learning projects are linked in some way to the Festival Programme and we hope that you and your students or groups will want to participate in the Festival and also the project work.

Have a look at our project plans  for the coming year and see how you can be part of the Festival. We are developing the projects  right now,  but to help us find the right person to talk to, why not contact me to ensure your group can participate?

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