Contemporary Music Festival - May 20th 2011 to May 29th 2011

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International Composer Pyramid 2011

In 2011, the composers of the ICP spent several months working on a series of pieces for our bespoke ensemble. The resulting pieces were performed in two concerts on the 10th & 11th December 2011, in Lille and Canterbury respectively. Below you can find samples of each composer's work, recorded live on the 11th at St. Gregory's Centre for Music, Canterbury - our thanks go to Patrick Nunn for these recordings.

German Alonso - living on a cigarette with wine (sample) by SoundsNew

Giuliano Bracci - C'e un giardino chiaro by SoundsNew

Miguel Farias - Tambora Strings by SoundsNew

Edmund Finnis - Frame/Refrain (sample) by SoundsNew (2011 winner)

Raffaele Grimaldi - Lychnus II by SoundsNew

Victor Ibarra - Alice by SoundsNew (2011 Winner)

Jae Moon Lee - 1+1=1/Panorama (sample) by SoundsNew

Yuko Ohara - The Enthalpy of Vaporization (sample) by SoundsNew

Benjamin Oliver - Momentum (sample) by SoundsNew (2011 winner)

Hugo Ribeiro - Danza (sample) by SoundsNew

Mihyun Woo - Still Life by SoundsNew

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